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"In the heart of a heartless city,somewhere between Heaven and Hell, an exiled angel trafficks in the darkest trade."
My name is Leena, I'm from New York.I enjoy spending my free time outdoors from Spring to Fall, playing with my dog and my two neices. I love living here in NY because I get to experience all four seasons. I wish I could wear flip flops and or go barefoot all year round though.I also love to bake cookies, cakes but alot of times it's muffins and cupcakes. I love reading.. my book choices range from new age to fantasy and some romance. I also enjoy writing short stories and a novel here and there. I do the NaNoWriMo every year, but alas I have never won. Maybe next year! I'm a candle addict,. I have them scattered around the place.. I just love them! I do enjoy watching tv, but when I do I'm watching Paranormal shows or pretty much any show with Josh Brolin in it.
I am Pagan... Yep get it outta your system.. I'm a witch, deal with it and move on. I do not worship the devil and I most certainly do not make blood sacrifices of any kind to any demons or devils. Remember this people. I don't believe in the devil or satan so how the bloody hell can I worship them? I do not need to be saved, been through that... didn't work. I know exactly where I'm going when I die.. do you?
I enjoy exploring the world of the Paranormal, which i will be talking about alot here. I love exploring haunted places. I would love to spend the night in a haunted place, no matter where it is! Yes if you were to pay me I would spend the night in a haunted house... as long as I had someone else go with me.. maybe! I love paranormal shows as well.
I post loads of pics here, random stories and poetry that I write and well sometimes nothing. At times you'll read alot of rambling that may not make any sense to you, but to me it does. I like things pretty much dark and gothicy. Vampires are my favorite. :drools: I absolutely adore vampire novels, etc. Yum!
Warning.. I already have a low self esteem, gigantic walls are built that I am attempting to knock over, if you've come here to cause trouble then be prepared to get the hex of your life and permanent exile.. that and I'll send my minions of flying monkeys after your soul! So bewarned those who enter the threshhold of this journal will be Mine for all eternity.. or until whenever! Think ya can handle that?
In order for you to be my friend you need to add me first then comment below. After you friend me I'll friend you back, but alas no comment means no friending. I'm easy to get along with and have no issues with lurkers, but if your a lurker at least post every so often to let me know how your life is going, yeah? If you find that I friended you first, then just know that I have found you and your journal intriguing and wish to read more.



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