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Birthdate:Jul 1
Location:United States of America
My name is Leena, I'm from Rochester, New York. I am Pagan, my free time is spent outdoors from Spring to Fall, playing with my dog and my two neices. I love living here in NY because I get to experience all four seasons. I wish I could wear flip flops and or go barefoot all year round though.I also love to bake cookies, cakes but alot of times it's muffins and cupcakes. I love reading.. my book choices range from new age to fantasy and some romance. I also enjoy writing short stories and a novel here and there. I do the NaNoWriMo every year, but alas I have never won. Maybe next year! I'm a candle addict,. I have them scattered around the place.. I just love them! I do enjoy watching tv, but when I do I'm watching Paranormal shows or pretty much any show with Josh Brolin in it.

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all hallows eve, anne rice, autumn, being barefoot, black, black cats, black eyeliner, black lace, black nailpolish, bookstores, candlelight, candles, castles, celtic art, cemeteries, cemetery picnics, chinese food, christmas lights, coffee, crystals, cuddling under the stars, dancing in the rain, darkness, daydreaming, dogs, dracula, dreaming, drinking, erotica, europe, fairies, fairytales, fall, fallen angels, fan fiction, fantasy, festivals, flirting, forests, getting mail, ghost hunting, goddess, gothic, gothic romances, graveyards, grimoire, hair dye, halloween, hard rock, harry potter, headstones, heavy metal, history, hugs, immortality, jewelry, karma, kisses in the rain, lingerie, lip gloss, lipstick,, long haired guys, lotion, love, love letters, magick, manicures, mardi gras, midnight, mist, moonlight, movies, museums, national novel writing month, nature photography, new age, new orleans, night, nights in alone, nocturnal witchcraft, oceans, paganism, paranormal, paranormal shows, peter steele, photography, pictures, poetry, rainstorms, random ims, random thoughts, reading, renaissance faires, rock music, rum, salem mass, sci-fi, secrets, sensuality, shopping, silver, silver jewelery, sleeping in late, snuggling, some classical, soulmates, spellcraft, spooky things, storytelling, supernatural, the beach, thunderstorms, type o negative, vampire fantasies, vanilla fields, walking in the rain, water, wine, witchcraft, writing, writing erotic fiction, writing fan fic and random stories, wrought-iron, xena,
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